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Project Management

  • Project Processes

    processes.pdf (199 KB)

    Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Programme

    • List of Documents Prepared by BME Consultants for KUIDP as on 3 May 2003:

      0308docr.pdf (27 KB)

    • Extract from Quarterly Progress Report No. 15, for Quarter ending 30 June 2000, prepared by the Project Management Consultant for KUIDFC, on activities of the Benefit Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant:

      qprgrpprt.pdf (11.3 KB)

    • LogFrame: Project Planning Matrix for the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Project (KUIDP):

      apxb3mty.pdf (214 KB)

    • Benefit Measurement Concepts:

      apxfwtp.pdf (8.14 KB)

    Customised Programme for Senior IAS Officers

    • Customised Programme for Senior IAS Officers on Public Policy – June 2000:

      0006iasw.pdf (22.9 KB)

    • Customised Programme for Senior IAS Officers on Public Policy – August 2000:

      0008iasw.pdf (27.3 KB)


    • Introductory Workshop on Data Management and Management Information Systems for Development Managers – Proposed Course Outline – June 2000:

      0006schd.pdf (36.9 KB)

    • Ajit Mani’s cv:

      0204cvam.pdf (43 KB)

    Utility Software for Rate of Return or Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Calculations
    in Managerial and Engineering Economic Problems

    Note: The programme is written by us in VB5 and does not carry or imply any warranty. The zip file FINANCEX.ZIP contains an executable file FINCALC.EXE and a PDF file, FINANCES.PDF which gives the formulae and an example each of SPCA (Single Payment Compound Amount), SPPW (Single Payment Present Worth), USCA (Uniform Series Compound Amount), SFDA (Sinking Fund Deposit Amount), CRA (Capital Recovery amount) and USPW (Uniform Series Present Worth). Ref: Taylor, George A., Managerial and Engineering Economy – Economic Decision Making, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, Toronto, 1964