KSUDP, Trivandrum

KSUDP Mid-Term Survey for PPMS

PPMS is ADB jargon for Project Performance Management System. Before 2010 the M&E function was known as BME (Benefit Monitoring & Evaluation).

19-22 OCT 2015:

I visited Trivandrum on 19 Oct 2015 to meet the Team Leader of KSUDP and Aji Diwakar who organised the field survey for the Baseline Survey in 2010-11. I have proposed using Tablet/Android technology for data collection and upload to a spreadsheet in the cloud. This does away with paper and the lack of transparency in field work. Since we couldn’t find an agency for data entry with a reasonable rate, we had to send our filled questionnaires by TVS Parcel Service to Bangalore. Fortunately there were no cases of loss or damage to questionnaire parcels.

11-27 NOV 2015:

Visited Trivandrum to finalise Mid-Term Plans