Logical Framework Approach (LFA) Workshops

LFA Workshops Facilitated by Ajit Mani

01 PLAN INTERNATIONAL, New Delhi Awareness of Plan Project Nov 1993
02 DON BOSCO PROVINCIAL HOUSE, Guwahati Mission Planning June 1994
03 CRAFTS COUNCIL OF INDIA, Madras Mission Planning Nov 1994
04 ODA-PHFP, Madras LFA Training for Staff Jun 1995
05 TRANSWEIGH INTERNATIONAL, Bombay Corporate Planning Jul 1995
06 NORAD Supported NGOs, Bangalore LFA Training Aug 1996
07 Govt. of Karnataka, Dept. of YS&S, Bangalore Mission Planning Sep 1996
08 NORAD Supported NGOs, Bangalore LFA Training Feb 1997
09 SIDA Bilateral Project Partners, New Delhi LFA Training (Co-facilitator) Feb 1997
10 DFID ISH/SMA Staff & Partners, Trivandrum LFA Training Jun 1997
11 DON BOSCO Provincial House, Bangalore Mission Planning Aug 1997
12 ACTIONAID Programme Officers, Bangalore LFA Training Nov 1997
13 DFID ISH/SMA Staff & Partners, Trivandrum LFA Training Jan 1998
14 SIDA NGO Project Partners, Manipur LFA Training Feb 1998
15 SIDA NGO Project Partners, Nagaland LFA Training Feb 1998
16 AP DPEP State & District Officials, Hyderabad Mission Planning Mar 1998
17 ADATS, Bagepalli, Kolar District Mission Planning Mar 1998
18 IWRM, Govt. of Rajasthan (Co-Facilitator) LFA Workshop Mar 1998
19 AP DPEP State & District Officials, Hyderabad Annual Work Plan Preparation Mar 1998
20 Fluoride Group/IWRM Govt. of Rajasthan LFA Workshop Apr 1998
21 Groundwater Group/IWRM Govt. of Rajasthan LFA Workshop May 1998
22 Water Pollution Group/IWRM Govt. of Rajasthan LFA Workshop May 1998
23 Workplan for IWRM, Govt. of Rajasthan Annual Work Plan Preparation Jun 1998
24 UNDP New Delhi – Child Labour Project Staff LFA Training Jun 1998
25 UNCHS/UNDP Cambodia – Urban Poverty Project Strategic Planning Sep 1998
26 NORAD New Delhii – Child Labour Project Staff LFA Training Dec 1998
27 INEP/KSCST Govt. of Karnataka – Forest Officials LFA Training Feb 1999
28 Urban Poverty Alleviation – Mysore City Corporation Strategic Planning Feb 2000
29 Urban Poverty Alleviation – Channapatna/ Ramanagaram Municipal Corportation Strategic Planning Feb 2000
30 Urban Poverty Alleviation – Tumkur Municipal Corporation Strategic Planning Feb 2000
31 LRSP Workshop for ORBIS India Country Programme : 12-17 Aug 2002 Strategic Planning Aug 2002
32 Workshop on Project Planning for Programme Managers and Administrators of Terre des Hommes India Country Programme : 21-23 Aug 2002 LFA Training, Strategic Planning Aug 2002
33 Strategic Planning Workshop for Programme Managers of Foundation for Ecological Security (NDDB, Anand, Gujarat), Chintamani (Karnataka) and Madanapalle (AP) Spearhead Teams: 28-29 Aug 2003 Strategic Planning Aug 2003


It is important to distinguish between a Mission/Strategic
Planning Workshop
and a Training Workshop.

  • A Mission/Strategic Planning Workshop is a hands-on project design workshop
  • A Training Workshop is usually for either capacity development of staffor for introduction of the LFA concepts to senior staff

We have neither the competence to run LFA courses in the vernacular for grassroots level workers nor the conviction that it will be useful for them.

This is why we feel that participants with a minimum background of graduate level education and fluency in English are likely to benefit most from our workshops.

Typically a Mission Planning Workshop for senior project functionaries will last for 4 days.

It is advisable to follow this up with an advanced workshop to introduce Action Planning, Control & Review.

The recommendations arising out of the experience of NORAD (pl. see page 21 of Third Edition of LFA Handbook) are:

“Whenever feasible, theLFA workshop should:

  • be undertaken in the project area
  • include representatives of all involved parties [stakeholders]
  • be facilitated by an independent LFA facilitator/moderator”

We also offer Advanced Courses on:

  • Data Management and MIS
    • Data analysis using elementary statistics and computer usage for project monitoring
    • Performance Improvement based on Data Analysis
    • Process Measurement
  • Process Management (Project Implementation includinng sub-modules, which could be stand-alone training programmes)
    • Process Mapping and Detailing
    • Project Risk Analysis (PERT 3-time Estimates and Variance along Critical Path, Bayesian Analysis and Overall Certainty Index development)
    • Project Scheduling using PERT/CPM (Introduction to Microsoft Project)
    • Prioritisation for Managers using AHP (Analytic Hierarchic Process)