KSUDP, Trivandrum

KSUDP Mid-Term Survey for PPMS

PPMS is ADB jargon for Project Performance Management System. Before 2010 the M&E function was known as BME (Benefit Monitoring & Evaluation).

19-22 OCT 2015:

I visited Trivandrum on 19 Oct 2015 to meet the Team Leader of KSUDP and Aji Diwakar who organised the field survey for the Baseline Survey in 2010-11. I have proposed using Tablet/Android technology for data collection and upload to a spreadsheet in the cloud. This does away with paper and the lack of transparency in field work. Since we couldn’t find an agency for data entry with a reasonable rate, we had to send our filled questionnaires by TVS Parcel Service to Bangalore. Fortunately there were no cases of loss or damage to questionnaire parcels.

11-27 NOV 2015:

Visited Trivandrum to finalise Mid-Term Plans


A new Chief Project Director (CPD) of the Uttar Pradesh Participatory Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation Project (UPPFMPAP) took charge on 15 Sep 2015.

Consultants will be mobilised in October according to specific work plans.

This project was closed by end of March 2016.