About Intervention

INTERVENTION provides a cross-disciplinary corporate response to assignments which were traditionally handled by one person consultancy firms.

The core competence of the agency lies in problem solving for clients in the Development sector. This competence is the result of hands-on field experience, strong research and communications skills, and a capacity for “Upside-down thinking”.

As massive changes take place in the business environment in which we work, we realise that we will have to deliver solutions which will never be the same or be based on the same formulae or assumptions.

As an agency that does not receive subsidies, grants or have access to non-competitive contracts, INTERVENTION relies entirely on fees generated through market demand for it’s services. It is this demand which determines the competence level of INTERVENTION, and keeps us close to the customer.

This is why INTERVENTION was registered as a Private Limited Company rather than as a Society or as a Trust. The formalities for INTERVENTION‘s incorporation under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, were completed on 9 March 1992. We define business success in terms of gaining and improving customer and client confidence by delivering services of the highest quality and excellence, within mutually agreed cost and time parameters.

We rely on success for our survival !